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We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our software. Every Admiral West Cleaners’ customer will automatically get an online account where you can view current orders, look through your digital wardrobe, update account information, make payments & view receipts, schedule a pickup or delivery, and/or send us a message.

With this new software comes a host of automated email and text communications. Some of the messages that stand out are automatic texts when your order is ready, pickup and delivery reminders with a cancellation option, email notification if your card declines or is expired, and automatically emailing you receipts after you have received your cleaning. Every communication we send you contains a link to your customer account. Because we know you are the one receiving the message we do not require that you enter an email or password after the first time. 

Below we have explained each section of the customer website.  If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!

Thank you for being a loyal for being a loyal customer.

Clothes Tracker: Clothes Tracker displays your current orders and the status of each item.

Wardrobe: You get a digital wardrobe that groups all your clothes by category and displays the status of each item.

Profile: You can update your personal information, add or update a credit card, add a delivery address, set your cleaning preferences, and change your password in the profile section. If you add a credit card, the data is end-to-end encrypted, and our employees never have access to the information. The servers where the data is stored are extremely protected and monitored 24/7 for suspicious activity. With your card on file you can simply walk in and pickup your garments. This means we can focus on providing you the best possible service, instead of focusing on your wallet.

Payments: This section allows you to pay your current balance, add a card on file, and view past receipts.

Pickup & Delivery:  You can schedule new pickups/deliveries, edit existing stops and leave delivery instructions. If you’re not on our weekly pickup and delivery schedule but are interested send us a message.

Contact Us: This page is a simple form that allows you to give feedback or just say hi.

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