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Specialist Dry Cleaning

Admiral West Cleaners provides Specialist Dry Cleaning service of the highest quality.

Each item is inspected individually by an experienced member of our team. A decision is then made on how to process each item and to choose the most appropriate cleaning methods for your garments.  As expected our specialist dry cleaning services also include protecting any delicate buttons or elaborate beaded sequins to prevent damage during the Dry-cleaning process.

We are very proud to also offer Green-Earth Dry Cleaning which uses a silicone cleaner that is not only safe on the environment, but also safe for you and your clothes.
This eco-friendly specialist dry cleaning process is ideal for garments of a delicate nature and will clean your most treasured items gently and efficiently. All garments are then meticulously checked by our experienced team to ensure the finish is of the highest standard and finally the garments are beautifully hand wrapped and packaged awaiting your collection or delivery.

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